School funding

Historically, and internationally, the funding of education is hotly debated. We are grateful for government and parental funding. Be informed and prepared about this important issue.


1 Schools are never neutral. They are immersed in the ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and values of those who write curriculum and policy and those who lead and teach in schools – all schools.

2 Our international covenants include a commitment to allow parents the right to choose the schools their children attend.

3 Neither governments nor societies have the right to demand that children attend specific schools, though they have a responsibility to require that children attend school.

4 Christian schools have a commitment to teach from the perspective of a worldview in which knowledge and understanding are embedded in a belief in God who is the source of all meaning and purpose in life.

5 We believe that parents must be able to choose the school they prefer for their child.

6 We believe that governments must make choice possible by continuing to fund non-government schools.


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