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Fiona Partridge
Fiona Partridge
SA State Executive Officer
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PO Box 1892
Penrith, NSW 2751

Who we are

Christian Education National is a network of five member associations and four schools in South Australia who actively support one another in the provision of Biblically-based Christian education. CEN SA works together to support and encourage our members by providing services to assist schools to be Christ-centred educational communities. We are deeply committed to seeing the young people of South Australia educated in an holistic manner in which faith and culture are rigorously engaged.

We love what we do and especially enjoy seeing our schools cover such a wide range of sizes, socio-economic demographics, urban and regional communities and serving a diverse range of students, families and communities. Our schools are renowned for their pastoral care and attention to the whole person as well as their commitment to a high standard of teaching and learning.

CEN SA specialises in providing this from within a uniquely Christian context and offers the following services:


1 Governance training

2 Compliance and accountability

3 Professional development and training – state and national conferences; equipping boards and staff; professional learning workshops and resources; networking

4 Industrial relations – advice and support as well as access to the Christian Schools Staff Relations Service

5 Policy development – providing access to compliant policies, advice and sharing of schools documentation

6 Legal accountability – access to legal advice through Prolegis Lawyers

7 Schools pastoral support – our State Executive Officer, Wendy Joyce, visits schools and is in regular contact, listening to school stories, responding to the needs and current issues


Upcoming events 

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A vision for our students

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Our journals

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