Online Godly Governance Conference 'Recalibrate'

Online Godly Governance Conference 'Recalibrate'

Save the date for the 2020 Governance Conference. This conference will be held online, 7-9pm Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday 19-20 November. Program and registration to come.

As we approach the end of 2020, what an opportunity we have as boards, to recalibrate our leadership after society, and inevitably our schools have had to look at the world differently.

At this Recalibrate Governance Conference, we invite you to take some time out to join together with other board members from around CEN schools in Australia, and to take time to "Stop and Stare"  to consider what we are learning and what our boards might do as we set our eyes on 2021.

The online conference is planned in such a way as to share "dinner" together on the Thursday night over zoom as well as hear from some great speakers. The Friday is being planned to ensure we have regular short breaks, and we will have opportunities to both learn and share ideas.

Our Conference themes include:

  • Recalibrate: Scripture as our Foundation for Recalibrating
  • Recalibrate: Mission Driven not Mission Drift. 
    Your Christian school has a distinct mission that has been supported for many years now and you need to embody that mission in a new reality. How do we do this as a board? How do we guard against mission drift? What might the results of the Cardus survey have to say to this?
  • Recalibrate: Taking the Long View
    In precarious times it can be tempting to demonstrate strong leadership by taking quick action. While critical decisions need to be made, they should be made in the context of the long view. What might this look like?
  • Recalibrate: Executive Function and Reimagining Leadership
    Boards and Executives need to have a strong collaborative way of working. Communication must be consistent and clear, adjustments made, and a focus maintained on long term sustainability. 
  • Recalibrate: Looking Inwards - Looking Outwards - Championing Justice and Mercy
    An insidious consequence of precarious times can be turning our focus inward. It can be natural to "turtle" to focus on care and protection of our own schools. But as leaders, we are called to be a prophetic voice reminding one another of the call to justice and mercy and seeing a bigger picture.
  • Recalibrate: What If?.... Future forecasting
    As boards, we are called to leadership for such a time as this. And we also need to gaze ahead to what might be. In this session, we will be having a conversation about the areas boards may need to reimagine as we step into the future. 

Event Properties

Event date 19-11-2020 7:00 pm
Event End Date 20-11-2020 5:00 pm
Location Online (Zoom Meeting)

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