Christian Education National

What do we offer?

Christian Education National:

  • Recognises of the critical role of teachers in providing ongoing distinctive Christian school education and is therefore committed to providing rigorous professional development and training for teachers through its teacher training arm, the National Institute for Christian Education;
  • Shares a government advocacy arm, the Australian Association for Christian Schools and is principal sponsor for a superannuation fund, Christian Super;
  • Promotes the cause of Christian education in Australia and internationally with and on behalf of its members;
  • Provides vision, leadership, resources and services directly and through its membership community from a biblical worldview perspective for its members;
  • Engages a national chief executive officer and staff as well as state and territory executive officers who maintain regular contact with and provide services to schools;
  • Is engaged at all levels in building community and relationship and in assisting in the delivery of services to empower associations, boards and senior management to achieve their shared vision;
  • Professional exchange takes place at multiple levels.
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