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Christian Education National schools are co-labourers in God’s ‘kingdom vineyard’ with churches across all denominations. They support the church’s challenge for young people to be responsive disciples of Christ by providing education for the whole of life which is biblically grounded, culturally engaging and academically rigorous. They complement the church’s pastoral care of young people and their families and encourage young people and their families in church attendance.


Churches and Christian Education National schools have overlapping communities which mutually support and enhance each others’ vision to promote the teaching, values and impact on the whole of life of the lordship of Jesus Christ.


Christian Education National schools promote a dynamic partnership between church, home and school where pastors are welcomed and appreciated, and are understood to be key participants in the pastoral care of young people and their families. Pastors are encouraged to become actively involved formally and/or informally in the life of their local Christian school.


Churches which actively engage with their local Christian Education National school are provided with a range of opportunities and benefits. These include:

  • Opportunities for church and school to mutually enhance their shared vision to challenge young people to be responsive disciples of Christ.
  • Opportunities for church programs to benefit from the participation of young people and teachers well grounded in a biblical worldview.
  • Opportunities for the church to be enriched by young people confident to participate in public prayer and presentations.
  • Opportunities for pastors to invest their biblical scholarship and wider expertise into the life and culture of the school.
  • A web based national prayer forum.
  • Influence and involvement locally and nationally through membership of local associations.
  • Access to conferences and training in such areas as:
    • Vision building
    • Transforming education
    • Access to Christian worldview courses with the National Institute for Christian Education.
  • Exceptional resources:
    • Christian education: research papers, videos, DVDs, MP3s, books etc
    • Parenting support, resources and seminars (through our national partnership with Focus on the Family)
    • Networking.
    • Two quarterly journals:
      • Nurture (for families)
      • Christian Teachers Journal (for teachers).
  • Visioning.
  • Superannuation fund committed to ethical investment: Christian Super.

Telling the stories

Steve: a pastor’s story

As a pastor, I find it encouraging to know that many of the young people at my church are being taught where the gospel is central and the bible is honoured as God’s word.
I am always made to feel welcome at the school. I have appreciated the opportunities to be involved in school life. I was invited to be part of a selection panel for a new chaplain and have run seminars for staff on a bible study program. I have spoken at whole school assemblies and addressed other groups.

The school keeps me up to date with developments in school life and invites my input where it is appropriate.

Damien: a pastor’s story

My children attend the local Christian school. So first and foremost I visit the school a parent to help in the classroom. In fact, my wife is on the board, so we have a huge interest in the school.

As a pastor, most of the kids in our youth group go to the school. I find this a huge blessing as this provides a great foundation in the kids’ lives. We also have quite a few staff who attend my church. I appreciate that as a pastor I can encourage teachers in the great work they do.

I have always had close links to the school and I very much want to keep those links going and growing. I am encouraged by the direction that Christian Education National is going in wanting to actively engage with churches.

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