Christian Education National




Australian Association of Christian Schools - The advocacy arm of Christian Education National

Affliated partners

Christian Super - A uniquely Christian based superannuation fund primarily focused on the Christian community in Australia.

Focus on the Family
 - An organisation existing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a practical outreach to homes, with a firm belief about both the Christian faith and the importance of the family

New Hope International
 - NHI aids the development of Christian education in developing countries within Africa and the Pacific region.

NHI conducts short term mission trips, teacher training seminars both in Australia and overseas and also provides opportunities for schools to directly support Christian schools in these countries.

Founded by Bob and Maryanne Frisken, NHI has a passionate commitment to Christian education and community development

Simply International Group
- Microsoft and Adobe software at discounted rates for Christian Education National member schools


Australian Parents Council Inc - A national federation of organisations representing parents of non-government school children.

Why Christian Schools - A wonderful website for parents (and teachers) exploring what Christian education is.


National Institute for Christian Education  - Teaching Arm of  Christian Education National offering a wide range of professional development for teachers and educational leaders.

Crossref-it - Online educational resources to help 16 – 19 year old students of English (and their teachers) more fully understand the contextual background to their studies, particularly biblical and Christian material.
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