Christian Education National

Core Values

The member associations of Christian Education National are committed to:

Core Value 1

Securing the Bible’s central place in the life of our associations and school communities.  The Bible, in its entirety, is “the divinely inspired, inerrant word of God, the only absolute rule for all faith and conduct, and therefore also for the education of children at home and at school.”

Core Value 2

Upholding a community of Christian parents having a determinative and ongoing involvement in setting the direction for the school which, under God, educates their children.

Core Value 3

Demonstrating a vibrant biblical faith which permeates every aspect of philosophy, policy and practice in our associations and schools.

Core Value 4

Engaging as a national community supported by and accountable to each other.  “We do together what we cannot and should not do alone.”

Core Value 5

Sharing the vision of Christian education with the wider Christian community.

Core Value 6

Complementing the roles of parents and the Church in the education of children for responsive discipleship, equipping them to share God’s life and hope with all people and within the structures of all cultures, including their own.

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