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Christian Education National:

  • Is an Australia-wide group of 53 member associations that together govern over 80 schools of approximately 23,000 students and 2,000 teaching staff.
  • Reaches out to communities of all varieties and shapes: Christian Education National members include remote rural schools, large metropolitan schools, multi campus schools and incorporated school systems.
  • Founded in 1966 as the National Union, and later called Christian Parent Controlled Schools, we’ve constantly expanded and welcomed new members, and now consist of schools and associations from every state and territory in the country.
  • Our transformation to Christian Education National in 2008 reflects our commitment to our previous aims and values, but also our desire and commitment to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in education and training.
  • Is a not for profit public company limited by guarantee and is a registered charitable institution with the ATO.
  • Is structured around a national board with state councils to determine local priorities. The national board maintains subcommittees which at times include business and finance, membership, reviews and reconciliation.


Christian Education National has been and continues to be committed to the following entities, established to assist member associations:

Teacher Education from a Christian worldview perspective

Christian Education National recognises of the critical role of teachers in providing ongoing distinctive Christian school education. It is therefore committed to maintaining rigorous professional development and training for teachers through its post graduate teacher training arm, the National Institute for Christian Education (NICE –  NICE provides Christian teacher education and educational support for school communities with a particular focus on Christian Education National associations.  At the heart of NICE and essential to its existence as a Christian learning community are the following strategic pillars:

  • Providing Christian teacher education
  • Facilitating school and curriculum development
  • Articulating and nurturing a biblical worldview
  • International commitments in Christian Education
  • Advocacy from a Christian worldview perspective


Government advocacy arm

Christian Education National shares a government advocacy arm, the Australian Association for Christian Schools (AACS - ).  The fast pace of growth of the Christian schooling sector where Australian families desire to access an education delivered from a Christian worldview at affordable rates has made it essential to provide advocacy to both state and national Governments.  AACS was therefore established to provide a Government Relations Service that is emphatically aligned with the nature of Christian education as practiced by our schools.


Superannuation from a Christian worldview perspective

Christian Parent Controlled Schools (now Christian Education National) participated with Christian Community Schools (now Christian Schools Australia) in establishing a superannuation fund in 1984.  Now a public offer fund called, Christian Super ( ) it has many features - investment options and performance, insurance options and costs, fees, education, service and help – which are competitive and modern.  Christian Super also has a strong Christian commitment and focus that is evident in key areas such as investment and service.  Members are thus able to align their choice of superannuation with their Christian principles and values.  Christian Education National remains a Principal Sponsor of Christian Super.

Our corporate structure:

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